Sales Prospecting

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Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is probably the most foundational of all professional selling skills. Yet, it is also frequently taken for granted. Even excellent sales professionals can use more help at building and developing their pipelines. Effective sales prospecting is critical for creating the quantity and quality of opportunities in your pipeline, which then determine your revenue results and, ultimately, your income. This program is designed to empower sales professionals with the skills they need to find or create an unlimited supply of new sales opportunities.

Course Description

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Delivery Options

This program can be delivered to groups of any size as
an instructor-led on-site workshop in a one-day (four modules), two-day (eight modules), or three-day (twelve modules) format. The program is also available as a Virtual Sales Workshop (instructor-led video conference) or as Online Sales Training (collection of video and/or audio modules).

Learning Objectives


Establish a repeatable, actionable 90-day business development plan designed to measure and achieve specific goals.

Identify the characteristics of those who would most likely benefit from and buy your solutions and transform that into a Profile of the Ideal Client.

Use multiple mediums of communication to reach a variety of key people within the prospective client’s organization.

Propose and close on the logical next step, such as a face-to-face meeting with the prospect.


Thoroughly research target accounts and prepare a powerful approach that articulates the business value you can deliver.


Employ proven and effective techniques for written and verbal conversations that set you apart from the average salesperson.


Craft and ask diagnostic questions to pique interest and reveal opportunities for making a positive impact on the prospect’s business.

Track business development efforts and results to establish benchmarks and determine the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Become more relatable to your prospects by learning to become their trusted advisor, building rapport with them, and relating to their personal buying style.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Sales Excellence on the global rollout of a custom program they developed for over 1400 of our enterprise salespeople and managers. I have to say, the feedback was outstanding. One of the reasons this was so successful was that Bill and his team obtained buy-in and alignment with our executive leadership team from the very beginning. This was one of the most powerful and effective training programs I have ever seen. Sales Excellence was able to deliver the program and drive measurable changes in sales behavior using eLearning and live video which saved us millions in travel expenses. Highly recommend!”

Tony Schehtman

Vice President, Sales, DataCore Software

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